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Integrated Urban water management

I work with Arghyam on the Integrated Urban Water Management project. We are currently developing a framework for integrated urban water management for all urban areas in India. Our aim is to study the urban water cycle and to promote equity and sustainability therein. For this, we are looking at different strategies available, and a matrix of solutions from which a solution can be picked up for an urban setting depending upon the classification of town/city. We are also implementing this concept in a town named Mulbagal near Bangalore, Karnataka. The details pertaining to water cycle, institutional aspects, delivery mechanism, demographic and social data pertaining to the town are being collected and analyzed for developing solutions.

I would like to seek the opinion of the members of the India water portal on:

  • What does integrated urban water management mean in the Indian context?
  • What are the factors that can determine its successful implementation in the Indian context?
  • What are the challenges in implementing integrated urban water management? Please provide experiences of how these have been addressed.


1. Integrated Urban Water Management.

Dear Mohana Sundar,

This is Venkatesh working for a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) company catering for the Utility Industries in US, India, Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

I am new to this portal and just was wondering if this offers a platform to communicate between the developers (like you) and the service providers (like us). We have been providing GIS/IT/Mapping Services from Bangalore since 1992, with core focus in Water and Wastewater. I am not sure if your current or future projects would need services of a GIS company. But I would be glad to have your inputs on this correspondence and would like to know a bit more on your project.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Venkatesh.N (



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