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880 feet bore, very less water for just 15-20 mins in Gubbalala, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore - Should pump capacity be increased?

Dear Sir,

Recently we had drilled a 6 and 1/2 inch borewell at Gubbalala, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore. But now we are getting very less water without any pressure for just 15-20 minutes. The surrounding borewell has a very good yield of 2-3 inches.

Details of the bore well are as below.

  • Total depth : 880 feet
  • Pump inserted at : 750 feet
  • Got water : at 550 feet, half an inch and at 750 feet another half inch; Total  - 1 inch
  • Pump capacity : 3hp 40 stage

1) Kindly advise on whether we should increase the capacity of pump; if yes, what capacity pump (hp, stages, delivery etc.) should be used?

2) What length HDPE pipe needs to be inserted? If we have to extend the HDPE pipe should we use a new one or can we join it with another 50 feet pipe?

3) What should be done in order to avoid the pump from getting burned out?

4) Will hydro fracturing solve my problem? Or will it cause any damage to my borewell?

5) Why does the water stop every 15-20 minutes? Is it a problem with motor?

6) Why is there no pressure? Is there a problem with HDPE pipe

Your help with the answers will be very much appreciated.


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