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Boulders blocking submersible pump at 170 feet of a 710 feet deep borewell - Is installing a slotted casing the best option?

Hi, Greetings! 

I have constructed a bore well to a depth of 710 feet. When we tried installing the submersible pump into the borewell, the pump was not going beyond 170 feet. The technician said that there is some blockage which is resisting the pump from going down.

  • Total bore depth : 710 feet 
  • First water yield found at : 520 feet 
  • As per the driller, the water level is 2 inches  

When I contacted the drilling agency, we were told that boulders were found during drilling and hence we need to insert a 5" casing completely, in which the 4" bore will fit, and that this will be a long term permanent solution. They suggested to take some 7 slotted casing and 30 solid casing.

I need some experts' advice on my problem. Can I follow this or are there any other better solutions available?

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Madhukar G

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