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Indian Languages

Anupam Mishraji's books


Shri Anupam Mishra, Gandhian and environmentalist is a remarkable person. He lays no claim to copyright for his own books and (similiar to open source software) it has increased the dissemination of his message. During a recent visit to his office at Gandhi Peace Foundation in New Delhi, he showed several different editions of "Aaj Bhi Khare Hai Talaab" brought out by all kinds of individuals and publishers across the country. He recounts the story of how a impoverished young person was inspired to translate it into Punjabi and get it published.Read More


Water Portal -- consultation in New Delhi

The Water Portal is planning an informal consultation with users and stakeholders on Saturday May 31st in New Delhi.

Date/Time: The meeting will be between 3:00 and 5:30pm on Saturday May 31st.Read More

"Himalaya: Man and Nature" newsletter , English and Hindi

The Nov 2007 edition of "Himalaya: Man and Nature", a newsletter about ecological issues of the mountain areas of Uttarakhand and neighbouring areas is available here :,%20Nov-07.pdf

The newsletter covers: the Save the River Campaign, "Uttarakhand Nadi Bachchao Abhiyan" under which several activities are planned in 2008, The retreat of the Siachen and Gangotri glaciers primarily due to climate chRead More

The India Water Portal in Kannada !!

Finally we have a real Indian Language version of the Portal (though we had some basic pages in Hindi quite a while back).

We are planning to launch the India Water Portal in Kannada on February 22nd at a function in Bangalore.

The site is ready for preview although we are still working on it:

Your feedback is welcome.


Water in the Northeastern states

S. Vishwanath provides us with two short clips from a recent trip to the Northeastern states:

This one shows ad-hoc or 'opportunistic' rooftop RainWater Harvesting in Manipur -- improving these systems and propagating them will help alleviate people's water problems

Read More

A excerpt from CSE's film: "Shit" (some content in Hindi)

To quote : "CSE's latest film shows the relationship between rich man's shit and poor man's water. And it is funny.Read More

Website -- (+ Hindi language version)
with a related Hindi site
has a large and up-to-date collection of reports on a variety of water related and environmental issues, including news reports, analyses and opinions, information on water study courses and links to other water websites (including this one).Read More


Hindi: "Bhakra - Parat Dar Parat Ek Padtal"


The Hindi version of Shripad Dharmadhikari's book "Unravelling Bhakra" is now available. It is titled
Bhakra - Parat Dar Parat Ek Padtal.

Ordering and other information is herehere

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