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Visualizing Bangalore Temperature

Guest Posty by Thejesh GN

Article and Image Courtesy: Thejesh GN

I Love Bangalore

I was going through weather data exposed by India Water Portal and I was thinking about an interesting application which would show my love to Bangalore. The best part of Bangalore is its temperature, rains and clouds. So I wrote this small app which uses the data provided by India Water Portal (which in turn is by CRU). IWP has data for all the districts in India, for every month and for multiple parameters. They have data for 100 years. It quite an amount of data to play with if you are interested. They have an easy way of filtering and downloading.Read More


Comics for a cause: The WaSH series

Guest Post by Tushar Gupta

Comics for entertainment, mythology, science, values etc. are common, However comics for a cause is something that was unheard until now. On 14 August,  a Bangalore based NGO CDL along with WaterAid India launched their comics for a cause called the WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) series.

As they say a picture is worth a thousand words, some one also said a comic is worth a thousand pictures. Cartoons have proved to be the best method to penetrate into young minds and make them realize even complex problems, often these young minds revert back with never thought before solutions. This was the ideology behind the WaSH series. WaSH is something that has been created for the young minds and have come out of similar young minds. Yes, WaSH characters and stories are ideas of children from rural and urban poor areas.


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Go with the Flow: Cartoon by Madhu Ramaswamy

As it flows


As it Flows: Cartoon from Madhu Ramaswamy


As it Flows: cartoon from Madhu Ramaswamy

Click on the image to get a better pictureRead More


Skadaddle Media Announces Launch of New Grassroots Twitter® Campaign, Twitter for Sh-tters, to Help International Non-Profit Wherever the Need Raise Money to Build Eco-Sanitation Toilets in Developing Countries

Forwarded to the Portal by Leonard Markidan,

Skadaddle Media


Aggressive Social Media Initiative Challenges Twitter Users and Others to Step Up and

“Talk Sh-t” to Generate Much-Needed Funds, Attention for Important Global Health Issue

Skadaddle Media, Inc., a creative marketing studio which specializes in the development and execution of ideas that solve specific communications challenges, today announced the launch of its latest social media initiative, Twitter for Sh-tters (, on behalf of its non-profit client Wherever the Need (WTN). A grassroots Twitter® campaign, Twitter for Sh-tters seeks to raise critical funds to build eco-sanitation toilets in the poorest regions of the world, and bring the important topic of sanitation to the forefront of discussions concerning pressing global health and poverty issues.

Founded in 1997, WTN aims to alleviate poverty and ill health through the implementation of environmentally-sound sanitation and water solutions that empower individuals and communities without undermining traditions and cultures. The organization targets regions within developing nations, such as India, Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone, to provide sanitation solutions by building specialized eco-sanitation (“eco-san”) toilets, and to facilitate the conversion of human waste for local agriculture usage.Read More


"As It Flows" - cartoons by Madhu


Angry young bottle!


"As It Flows" flows again !

Long-time blog readers may remember Madhu Ramaswamy's series of water cartoons:
We are pleased to restart the series
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