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Drip irrigation model using wick and bottle developed - Article from Times of India

Article Courtesy: Times of India
Author: Neha Madaan

The domestic drip irrigation system, developed by city-based environment and wildlife filmmaker Vilas Kane, uses the principle of capillary motion to water plants.

All that one need is cotton wick, plastic bottles and a litre of water. The process saves up to 80 per cent water, and can be used to water plants at home and in nurseries.

Kane has been working on the system for over six months now. He created the model after several trials and errors. The plant can survive for four days by using one litre of water through a process that works on slow disbursement of water into the soil thus creating a 'water bank'.

"Today, the most popular method of irrigation in the fields is flood irrigation. Water is pumped into the fields and is allowed to flow along the ground feeding the crops. It leads to immense water wastage. Of the 100 litres of water given to a plant in this way, it needs only 20 per cent. The plants need the moisture that is trapped at the root level," said Kane.

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