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Case Studies on Groundwater Management from


3. Need informatiom: Case studies on groundwater management

Dear Sir,

I want to known about the your case studies on groundwater management in hard rock terrian from

Can you send me an email in pdf format for my research work?

2. there is no foolproof method

there is no foolproof method of finding groundwater when drilling, but a survey by a competent hydro-geologist would be important. We recommend browsing through the Groundwater section of the India Water Portal too

1. Reg: Best way to finding water underground

I need full detail for finding the water underground using some best device. or best way of finding the water?

Because lots of former spending money to get water for agriculture.

The faker are getting money from the poor former and showing place to place a drill but finally former family really not getting water.

So that please gives the some clear details to find the groundwater and saving some more poor former family like me.


Rajendran K.

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