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How to approach the water problem in Sarjapur road, Bangalore?


I am residing at Tulasi layout, Kasavanahalli off Sarjapur road in Bangalore. The area lacks local municipal water facility. Around 2000-3000 odd houses in the neighbourhood have got borewells going as deep as 1000-1200 feet. My borewell at 750ft went dry in 2years since neighbors and others have dug around 1100 ft.

My question to the experts in this forum is :

1. How do we solve the problem of water crisis in areas to ensure self sufficiency for users?

2. Is there a scientific way to determine the water table levels and scientifically recharge the water viens in this area through RWH mechanism. I am sure 50% of houses are RWH compliant but its too little and too late in this area, hence wondering if this helps?

3. Ground water recharge mechanism is missing. I am planning to leverage the election year and see if we can rope in to get this done in parallel to #2.

The above question is from long term perspective. From short term perspective, should I go for Hydroblasting for my borewell which is almost dry in 2years and is at 750ft approx.  I have a 3HP/40stage pump installed and have got a ground water recharge system done about 5 feet from borewell core which runs 15 feet deep. 

Note: I dont have gray water harvesting done.



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