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Need solution to stop sand sliding into the casing of borewell


A year ago I drilled a borewell, got 1.5 inches of water,  it was working fine. This summer it started giving less water and sometimes brownish water. When I checked the casing surrounding the borewell, there is a gap of 6 to 9 inches alround the casing and mud or sand has started sliding into it.

While drilling the borewell, the driller inserted 10" pvc pipe first to a length of 80 feet,  then inserted metal casing pipes to a length of 180 feet,  got water first at 480 feet,  but we drilled down till 680 feet.

Also I would like to know if I can recharge the borewell by inserting the out let of rainwater harvesting filter directly in to the casing,  if yes can it be left at the top or at what depth. Will this in anyay affect my motor which is inside or will it result in mud sliding inside the borewell where the casing stops ,

Please suggest

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