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Need details for going beyond rainwater harvesting to water recycling

Query received through Email


I live in Malleshwram.

We have a bore well and also have got rainwater harvesting done. We want to move beyond that to see whether water recycling is possible to water the lawn or any other suggestion that you might have to conserve water.


Name of Author: 
Dinesh Kumar

1. Suggestions for recycling & conserving water

Dear Dinesh,

Thank you for the interest shown in water recycling & conservation and writing in to us at India Water Portal.

Fresh water is used for a variety of domestic uses such as washing of utensils,cooking, washing vegetables & other food items, bathing, washing hands, washing clothes etc. The water that emerges after these is referred to as “ Grey Water” or sullage. 

Greywater recycling is a relatively easy subject and can be treated effectively to be reused for toilet flush, horticulture and even for floor mop/wash.

You may go through this book by an expert Indukanth Ragade on Self reliance in water at It spells out the details of designing and usage of wastewater emerging from domestic usage.


Sabita Kaushal

India Water Portal Team

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