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Need suggestions as to why borewell is not pumping water


I have a 12 year old borewell. The water pressure started decreasing last weak and the water discharge stopped altogether today. If I press the reverse valve some water comes out. If I drop a pebble I hear the sound of water after 3-4 seconds. The borewell is 350 Ft deep and the motor is suspended at 280 feet. The motor is 1 HP and 12 years old. It draws a current of 6-7 amps while running. Previously I used to hear a hum while the motor was on and now the sound is not that distinct.

Please advise

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R Sreedhar

3. Need suggestions on why water is not pumping from borewell


There are a couple of reasons for which you need to pull the motor out and check.

1) Cupling between the motor shaft and pump shaft may have worn out, or the pump or motor shaft may have worn out

2) Delivery pipe may have developed a leak near the pump outlet

3) Inlet body or the first impler may have got damaged, or any one of the series of implers may have got damaged and is not functioning properly hence not enough pressure

4) Pump body itself may have developed a leak due to the wearing off of one of the washers holding the pump assembly in place and connectd to the outlet body.

5) Strainer may have got chocked due to sediments/rust etc blocking the opening

My advice is to get the pump out and get it checked/ serviced


2. Links to borewell related querries

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Borewell related resources have been consolidated in the form of a FAQ, which may be referred in the link

You may also refer to our directory to find contact details of individuals and organisations who would know more about borewells in your area.

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Sabita Kaushal

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1. Need suggestions as to why borewell is non functional


There are so many possibilities such as decrease in water level or motor having problems. Only when we lift the pump and investigate will we know the details of the problem and will be able to give a proper suggestion. Pls contact us at A2z borewell solutions #9019940085 or 9538813331.

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