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Need information on selection of pump for the borewell


Recently we have dug a borewell near Kanakapura Road Bangalore. We got Water at 100 Feet and after that from 280 feet. The total depth was upto 740 feet and we were told that the yield is about 2 inches.

We get various suggestions while deciding the motor power (HP) and the stage. Pump manufactures also suggest to go for a double cable for 7.5 HP and beyond. From your answers to previous queries, we were able to calculate the HP to be 7.5 but we are not sure about that.

We would like to know if we need to go for a single or double cable ans also about the number of stages

Please advice

Name of Author: 
Venkatesh B

3. Information on selection of pump for borewell


From what you have written of having drilled a borewell and having struck water at 100 and 280 ft but have continued to drill down to 700ft. The yeild being 2 inches i.e. 3000 liters per hour. I really do not understand the logic as to why you have drilled right down to 700ft, when the last water bearing horizon ( aquifer) was struck at 280ft, and with a cummulative yield of 2 inches.

It is true that if you install a 7.5 hp pump you will have to go for a star delta winding with double cable, but you really do not need to go for something that heavy. A TEXMO brand pump of 3 hp 40 stages of  TRF SH SERIES will also work at 107 m head it will deliver nearly 2880 lph and as the level of water drops it will deliver something like 700 lph at 274 m.

As your aquifers are within 100 meters I sincerely doubt that the water level will drop below that level, with a higher Hp you will not get more water than what was struck while drilling. I have refered to charts for TEXMO you could check out charts for CRI or Suguna, and try to select a pump that has a minimum working head of aproximaterly 100m and max of about 250 m. maximum discharge range should be between 4000 lph max and 1000 lph min.

Hopefully this will help you decide the proper pumping equipment for your borewell.

2. Borewell FAQ: Link

Dear Venkatesh

Thanks for placing your query to India Water Portal.

We have compiled together a FAQ on borewell and its management for your quick and easy reference. You may refer to the same by clicking on the link

For further reference to a note on consolidated borewell related querries, you may click at this link

Thank you



Sabita Kaushal

India Water Portal Team

1. Contact for information on selection of pump


One of my vendor is a Texmo dealer in SP Road, Bangalore. He can suggest and give an idea about motor and length of pipe and even send his quotation for erection. His name is ESHWAR (9035006693). Do get in touch if required.

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