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Need info on wastewater management in Tamil Nadu, can I talk to someone in the team about the same?


I am currently in Chennai doing my internship and also collecting information for my master's thesis on "waste water management situation in Tamil Nadu".

I would like to meet someone from the team who works in Tamil Nadu in order to talk about the situation. Could you please send me the email address of the contact person.

Name of Author: 
Xavier Meire

1. Links for wastewater management in Tamil Nadu

Dear Xavier,

Thanks for writing in. You can go through the following links to get information about wastewater management in Tamil Nadu.

  1. Wastewater management: A case study of Tiruchirapalli city in Tamil Nadu
  2. Can storm water drains help in recharging groundwater? - The case of Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  3. Effluent music: Treated waste-water from paper factory irrigates sugarcane fields
  4. Decentralised treatment and recycling of domestic wastewater - An integrated approach to water management - A pilot project - CPCB (2008)
  5. Bio-technology enzymes process for waste water treatment, from TWAD Board, Chennai (Comparative Experiences)
  6. Practioners' handbook on ecological sanitation, a system that saves water, prevents pollution and reuses human waste as a resource in agriculture


Sumathi Sivam

India Water Portal Team

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