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Borewell motor stuck at 100 feet, need help to pull it out


The borewell motor was fixed at 700 feet, recently the power cable got disconnected and we had to pull the motor out. It came out fine upto 100 feet then got stuck. Need suggestions or contact details of people who can pull the motor out.

Name of Author: 
Mohan Sidda

3. Try pulling the cable out using winch crane

Dear Mr Mohan,

The information you have provided is not complete. You mentioned that the 700 feet riser was fine upto 100 feet. Does it mean pipe got struck at 600th feet or you cleared 600 feet and it got struck at 100th feet.

Anyhow what I understand is that the pump cable got snapped and fell inside the well. First you got to remove the cable. If the cable has coiled and sitting over the pump it would add to the weight. What is the riser pipe ?? GI/MS/CS/Polyflex ? It all depends upon as to what pipe it is,  according to the pipe you might have to exert the pressure on pulling.

Use a winch crane and centralise it to the bore and start pulling slowly with what little lead you have outside, do not leave the lead and it is preferable that the crane has the ''load gauge'' so that you can assess the pull you are exerting, ofcourse it all depends upon the operator.

You might as well use soft soap lubricant poured in the well to facilitate lift but on the contraray it might help the stuck pump to slip down also. Once you got the cable out, retrieveing the pump should be attempted. All said and done it all depends upon various aspects and trial and error and site conditions. All possibilities cannot be listed out here. 

2. Thanks for the suggestions, borewell motor pulled out


Thanks for your suggestions. We were able to take out the motor. To elaborate problem a bit more: Our motor got jammed at 600 feet, it was installed at 700 feet. The first vendor was able to pull only 100 feet (manually), at around 600 ft motor got jammed. A second vendor (Kumar) came with jeep and some tools and using soap he was able to pull out our motor in 2 hours time. Kumar phone number : 9663612937.


1. Advice on lifting the pump

Dear Mohan,

Thanks for writing in. Please go through this advice given by expert A. Rajamohamed Ambalam to deal with the problem. Due to wear and tear or corrosion, the falling of pipe and motor is quite common in bore wells. The bore well companies and pump mechanics have special tools to fish out the same. Kindly contact a pump mechanic's shop, pump/motor selling shop or pump distributor. They will have the list of such specialist mechanics who can fish out the pipe and revive the bore. Please note that fishing out pipe/motor is a specialised job and it is important to engage the right mechanic for the same even if you have to pay a little more.

Hope you find this information of some use.


Sumathi Sivam

India Water Portal Team

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