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Will fitting a water softener affect water pressure and where to fit the softener for use for household purpose?

The water from borewell is very hard and because of this the water is clogging the geyzer, wahing machine etc in Bangalore. I am planning to buy a domestic water softner, please let me know its maintenance, cost, and its effect on water supply pressure and also where it should be fitted?

Further do you think it will be an alternative for commercially available RO, as my main need is softwater for domestic utility. For drinking purpose I have already having Aquaguard.

Please let me know after fitting the water softener, what would be the flow rate in taps.

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Jayaram Hampapur

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Dear Jayaram,

Thanks for writing in. You can refer to the following links to know more about TDS level in water

  1. All About TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  2. FAQ - Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems - Advice to all those thinking of installing RO systems
  3. Water Hardness Assessment Issues - Bangalore, Advice Required!
  4. Need cost of water treatment technologies
  5. Low-TDS water safe for drinking ?


Sumathi Sivam

India Water Portal Team

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