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Is there a legal binding to use STP in an 120 flat apartment complex, Pune?

Hi All,

We have few questions on STP

  • Ours is group of 120 flats in Pune PMC area, is there any legal binding on us to use this STP?
  • STP is of 20KL capacity if it runs 24hrs, but sewage output from flats is much more , what is going to be the capacity and approximate cost needed if we need to treat all water ?
  • There is no separate tank for collecting treated water from STP, is this normal?
  • There is no separate drainage connection also to PMC drainage, because of that we are suspecting that sewage water is contaminating borewell of surrounding areas including our borewell, how this can be checked?
  • Even if we continue to use it, can in-house staff maintain it on everyday basis , do we have general guidelines to do same ?
  • For 30m3 STP what are the chemicals to be used and what is going to be monthly cost , if capcity is 20KLD per day .
  • For correcting filtration, need the cost of following products - Quantity Activated Carbon 500 IV 50 kg and Activated Carbon 800 IV 50 kg, river sand 400 kg
Name of Author: 
Anuraag Bharadwaj

2. It is advisible to have a STP in your apartment

Hello Anuraag,

It is always a better option to have an STP installed in your flat, otherwise the groundwater may be contaminated anytime due to leakage into the drainage pipes, also you can resue the water for gardening, and for purpose other than drinking after recycling.

Kindly provide your contact number and email address to discuss more about your STP requirement and we would be glad to assist in setting up a treatment plant at an optimal cost.

BR, Mohankumar
ASEWater technolgies pvt ltd

1. FAQ on wastewater

Dear Anuraag,

Thanks for writing in. You can refer to a FAQ on wastewater given by expert Ranganathan. Here is the link

You can also refer to the following link on Water and Waste Water Treatment Opportunity in India: An Overview


Sumathi Sivam

India Water Portal Team

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