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How to reduce water consumption in an apartment complex with 400 units in Bangalore

Need information on how to go about reducing water consumption by my apartment complex as a whole (400 units) in Bangalore. We have a pool, lawns, etc. How do we measure usage, identify problem areas and come up with solutions ? Thanks.

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Madhavi Raj

2. Recycling and reusing the water is the first step

Hello Madhavai,

The best possible solution is to recycle and reuse the water, which will reduce the monthly water consumption of 400 flats in your appartment. Please contact me at, if you are interested in setting up a sewage treatment plant in your appartment complex.


ASE Water Technologies Pvt ltd,

044 42036821


1. Installing a magnetic flow meter helps measure water flow/day

Dear Madhavi Raj,

To help in your efforts to save water, first you can install a magnatic flow meter or totaliser to measure the flow per day. If you have access to a wastewater treatment plant, we suggest that you reuse the wastewater for toilet flushing purposes.

If you are interested in knowing more details you can reach us at 9597139038 or

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