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Worms found in greywater used for flushing - water stored in overhead tank - should the tanks be treated with chemicals?

Ours is a 120 apartment complex with about 400 plus residents. We have recently started using greywater for toilet flushing also. Previously the same was used only for gardening. There has been considerable saving.

However, there are a couple of issues which need some kind of clarification:

  • Some residents have observed very tiny worms once a while in the WC - Is this a common or it points to some kind of lacunae in the treatment. Yes the treated water is stored in overhead tanks and supplied to the toilets.
  • Should the overhead tanks where the greywater is stored, be treated with some chemicals? Will the stored greywater degenerate, develop foul odour.

What precautions need to be taken in general when greywater is recycled as for twin line flushing? Will appreciate if any of the learned members can share their knowledge and experience in this regard. As an additional information, we are in Bangalore.

Thanks and regards

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