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Borewell water contaminated and is yellowish & has bad odour - Need help, attaching the water testing reports


The borewell in our apartment is contaminated. I wanted to understand if there is any means through which this water can be purified for atleast domestic use like washing, kitchen and bathroom purposes. The water is slight yellowish in color and has a bad smell.

I have gone through various queries regarding borewell contamination, but nothing suits this problem. There is no septic tank near by the borewell. The ground water table is itself contaminated. Near to my apartment another person dug a borewell which also has the same contaminted water.

I have attached the water report along with this query. 2 reports are attached. One from BWSSB and another one from MORF India Pvt Ltd dealing with water purifiers. Kindly check and let me know if this problem can be solved and the water can be made usable.

We are facing a lot of problem by getting tankers daily.


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1. Provide BOD and COD value for accurate suggestions

Please provide results of BOD and COD. I can be more accurate in suggesting then. Pass the water through a Pressurised Sand filter followed by an activated carbon filter. Your problem would be solved.

Chandan Mohanty
Technical Advisor Amrit Clean Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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