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How can we use kitchen water for gardening after filtering it? Which filtration method is the best? Where can we get this done?


We want to make use of our kitchen water for our garden after filtering it.  Will you please inform us which is the best filtration method that can be used so that no flies or insects get attracted to it. From whom we can get it done?

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6. 500 litres of water needs to recycled per day

Quantity of water required to be recycled is 500 liters per day

5. Kitchen water for gardening - Can be used directly

Dear Kalpana,

Kitchen water can be used directly for gardening. You can use it for growing bananas and reap good harvest of bananas. The no. of bananas needed will depend on the volume of the water involved. I have used water from four flats (12 occupants) to water four banana plants. You can use it to water coconut trees. If you want to water ordinary plants also, you can do so. There will be no smell or mosquito problems. If the area of the area occupied by the plants bed is inadequate, the water will stagnate.

One point to bear in mind is that the soil bed on which you have the bananas or the plants should be even so that the water spreads all over the area and does not concentrate in select places. If you give more specific details, I can give you more info.

Indukanth Ragade (

4. End to end water solutions

We provide end-to-end water solutions including grey water treatment systems for kitchen water, rain water harvesting solutions and water sub-metering solutions.

Please contact us at or at 98456 27760 for more information.

- Meenakshi

3. Need info on the kind of RWH services you offer

Please let me know what kind of RWH services you offer. Thank you and with good wishes!

Indukanth Ragade

2. Use of kitchen water - Contact me for more details

Kitchen water should be used only for decorative plants & lawn as it contains detergent/soap. In this case filtering is not required. It is best to divert this water to a separate storage tank & use it from there to water the plants.

I can help you with this if you are in Bangalore. I also offer Rain Water Harvesting service.

Sunder Rao

1. Grey water treatment

Try grey water filtration technique. Grey water is the waste water from kitchen sinks, bathroom showers, laundry. You can treat them by collecting it through separate plumbing system. The filter can be made in several methods.

For more info contact

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