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Want to start a packaged drinking water plant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh - Where can I get authentic data on groundwater levels?

I want to set up a packaged drinking water plant in or around Indore (Madhya Pradesh). Would like to know, from which department of government, I can get authentic data about the levels of ground water.

Basically I would like to know, in which area / city / town in or around Indore, the availability of ground water is maximum. As I do not want a situation where my plant is closed as there is no raw material specially in summers where water scarcity is maximum and at the same time its peak season for the business.

Thanks and regards,

Name of Author: 
Alok Saboo

4. Want info to start mineral water plant in Narsinghour, MP


We want to set up a mineral water plant which also includes a bottling plant in Narsinghour ( M.P.). Below are few of the points we would request you to help us with:

  • Cost and budgetting for the manufaturing of 2000 litres per hour .
  • Land acqisition for the same.
  • Total manpower which would be required for the opeartion.
  • Laboratory incorporation costs.
  • Costs on bottling.
  • Machinery and infrastructure costing.
  • Purification process for arsenic and iron content water .
  • Business challenges involved.
  • Scaleablity
  • Demand and supply analysis.
  • Endorsements and certifications requirement from government?
  • Viability of the project.
  • Initial work force required for the same.
  • Overhead & administration costs.

Also will there be any legal issues in using the ground water in rural areas.

3. Need your contact number to discuss the project

Hi Rohini,

I am interested in knowing more about both the projects and I want your contact number to discuss this further.

2. Need your contact details

Hello Rohini,

I am interested in talking to you since I am setting up mineral water business. Please send me your details so that we can discuss further. Thanks

1. Please see if you would be interested in this

Hi Sir,

I have 2 projects. See if you would be interested in it.

1.Mineral water from the foothills of Himalayas. (Like Himalayan, Aqua)
2.Packaged water - like -Aquafina, Bisleri

1.The first one - I am in need of superstockist Pan India Level.
2.The second is a package water plant project in Chandrapur and its half way through. We need investors or superstockist. The quality is BIS, and 9 times filtered water. We can give is at a reasonable rate. The one lit bottle can be given at the rate of Rs.7.50/-. Production will be 20000k lit per day. MRP -Rs.15 -18/-.

If you are interested,  please mail or forward your details.

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