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High iron content in drinking water in Pathanamthitta, Kerala - What causes this? What is the solution for this problem?

I live in Pathanamthitta, Kerala. I am using borewell water. Last week I tested the quality of my borewell water in Kerala Water Authority (govt lab) and in the report says that the iron content is 1 and turbidity is 7.34  i.e both are above desired level. And for Nitrate (as No3) and fluoride(as F) is below desired level.

The iron content can be seen in water tank (yellow-orange mixed colour). It can be also seen at the bottom of buckets if we collect  water in a bucket and keep it for day. I m using this water for bathing. Please provide me with the best solution possible for my need and the causes of these contents.

Thanks in advance.

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4. Contact me more details to alleviate the high iron content issue

Dear Foodlover,

Here are a few several simple methods to alleviate the problem if not to eliminate it. Contact me with details such as plot dimensions, sump capacity, no of inmates and source of the water i.e. whether from a dug well or from a borewell and the depth of the same, and I will give you (free) suggestions for alleviation.

Indukanth Ragade

3. Contact me if you are facing the issues with water treatement


Sorry for the late reply. You can contact me if you are facing the same problem as I have been working in the water treatment industry for a long time

2. Charge borewell with rainwater - This will reduce iron content

Dear Foodlover

The permitted iron content is 0.3 ppm. To reduce the iron content without installing any iron removal system, one can charge the borewell with rainwater which will dilute the iron content to satisfactory levels. For more specific advice, I need more info re the borewell and the building and place located.

Indukanth Ragade (

1. Some useful links and responses

Dear Foodlover,

The following links have experts' comments on iron removal and related issues. Please go through the responses, you might find them useful.

How to remove yellow color & salty taste from bore well water? -
Iron removal directly from Borewell water: Economical solutions? Bhubaneshwar, Orissa -
High Iron Content in Oorani: Remedies? Test Report Attached, Tamilnadu -
Increasing efficiency & Reducing turbidity: Iron Removal solutions in Assam -

"You should not add Alum directly to the bore well directly and alum has aluminium which is not good to drinking purpose. So, simple method is to collect water in one sump and add alum, then the Iron present in the water precipitates at the bottom. But please do not use this water for drinking purpose. If you want to use, the install Reverse Osmosis filter. RO filter will eliminate bacteria, virus, metals present in water."
- Nagaraj G (

Hope this was useful

Thank you,
Seetha Gopalakrishnan

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