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935 feet borewell silted upto 250 feet- Is air flushing the only option to remove the silt?What are the other available options?


On 27/4/2012 we dug a borewell which is 935 feet deep. We hit water at 760 ft and 890 ft. After 10 days we bought Texmo submersible pump set (5 hp, 50 stage) and 16kg Varuna HDPE pipe When we installed the motor it went up to 890 feet and it ran for 2 days where we put it to use for hardly 2 hours. After 5 days when we ran the motor again it was not working and when we contacted the vendor for looking into the problem, he told that silt had gotten accumulated near the motor and the problem needs to taken up.

After 5 days we tried lifting the pump with 6 people and we were unable to lift it beyond 10 ft after 2 hours and that guy suggested that we lift with a jeep or tractor. The next day we got a tractor and poured 4000 liters of water into that and started lifting it with a tractor. The HDPE pipe was getting expanded but the motor was not coming out. He suggested again to lift it with a jeep that has a pulley attached. We tried the same on the next day and again only the pipe was getting expanded and motor was not coming out.

He suggested that we go with borewell scanning and in that we found that the silt was accumulated till 250 feet depth from the top. I contacted another bore well mechanic and he put thread inside the borewell again and told that now the silt was upto 150 feet from top.

I heard that there are borewell compressors which will get the silt out and when I contacted the vendors, I found that the air flushing compressors they have will work only up to 500 feet and not beyond. I want your suggestion on how to go about in this situation. I am willing to go ahead with air flushing if it works out and if it can give me the result even if it is a little expensive. What are the options I have? can I go for the other borepoint? I have already laid the columns and put the plinth beams on hold to take a decision. Based on this I will go with the air flush or compressors which removes the silt that will help me recover the HDPE pipe, cable and motor and put silt pipes on that.


Ajay. K (9590439856)

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2. Borewell rigs can flush borewell once


The borewell rigs can just flush your borewell one more time. That is very easy and we have done similar thing.

1. Most practical option is to go in for a new borewell

Dear Ajay,

There are no other options to get the sand out of the borewell. The problem in your case is that you have the pump and pipeline stuck in the borewell. Anyway if you are determined to clear this borewell you can lower a 1/2 inch GI pipeline and use any high capacity compressor this will help bring out the sand/silt, just to ensure that it is slightly easier to get the stuff out, I would advice that you fill the borewell right until the top with water.

Another way you can achieve this is by lowering a parallel pipe with a jet pump assembly at the base but without the foot valve and pump water in the well from top using a 3 or 5 hp pump, to ensure that sand does not land up setting in the jet pump assembly I would recommend water with detergent, the foaming action would help bring out the sand with the water.

Though both these are technically possible, it will cost a lot of money and time, secondly there is a major problem with the construction of the borewell as it has got silted right until 150ft, this I feel is entering the borewell some where at that point.

Unless you know where the silt is coming from, and take preventive measures there is always the possibility of it again flowing into the borewell and creating the same problem. The safer and more practical option in my opinion is to go in for a new borewell.

All the best

Anil Lalwani

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