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Consumptive Water Use Estimates - Indian Forests : Information Required!

I am looking for estimates of water consumption by forests in Indian climate, say water consumed in evapo-transpiration expressed as mm per hectare (ha) of forest, per year. Preferably separately for different types of forests, else typical values for each forest type.  Alternatively, quantity of water drained by bio-drainage per unit area would be good. (I could access some papers on bio-drainage on the net, but they all  gave the reduction in water table in mm. I am interested in volume of water)

Can any one help ?

Chetan Pandit



1. Related post by C Pandit

A related post by C Pandit on this topic is here:

2. Are you interested in

Are you interested in throughfall and stemflow data? very few data of these are available in India. I also made throufall studies of Pine (pinus kesia) tree in Meghalaya.

Benjamin Kaman

3. Neither the Stemflow nor the

Neither the Stemflow nor the throughfall. Just as we express that rice or wheat or sugarcane require X cms of water for its growth, also known as water foot print, likewise I am interested in how much water a forest consume, for different types of forests. This can be expressed as depth (per unit area). Rice, wheat etc. have a life cycle less than one year. So, for these crops we express it as the consumptive water requirement for the entire life cycle of the crop. For the forests, it will have to be ‘per annum'.

Chetan Pandit

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