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Newsletter: 'Developing' India's mountain states

Greetings from India Water Portal !

This is our fortnightly newsletter bringing you water news and knowledge updates from the past 15 days.
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An 'uphill' task - 'Developing' India's mountain statesThe Teesta in Sikkim

The 2013 Mountain Summit at Kohima, Nagaland will discuss water, forests and livelihood issues of the mountain states. The Summit is being organised by the Indian Mountain Initiative (IMI), a forum of organisations and individuals working in the Himalayan region.

In the run up to the Summit, IMI invites you to share your thoughts on topics and issues you feel should be taken up at the Summit.

Are you a resident or frequent visitor of the Himalayan states ? What are your experiences of the way development is defined for the region ? What changes would you like to see in the governance of the mountain states ?

Join the discussion !

Pochampad dam, Sri Ram Sagar Project, Andhra Pradesh; Phase II of the project is being funded under AIBP

Article: The Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme - Has it succeeded in meeting its goals ?

This article analyzes the results of the AIBP, which aimed to provide financial assistance to the States to complete ongoing multipurpose and irrigation projects and questions whether the irrigation potential created under the programme has been fully utilized - Read more

River Cooum

Photo feature: Anticipating a river's revival - Cooum, Chennai

This photo essay tells the story of the current state of the Cooum river that was once free-flowing and clean. It also details the various failed attempts made at cleaning up the mess - View photos

Water security in rural pockets

Presentations: "What is water credit"? - Gary White of explains

Learn about microfinance loans for water and sanitation. Read about a pilot project in Hubli that aimed to provide 24x7 water. Understand the connection between groundwater extraction and changing crop patterns - View presentations

Intensive field surveys were conducted to monitor species diversity and evaluate threats to habitat

Sharing experiences and lessons learnt from the Thames and Ganga Twinning Project

Read about how The Thames River Restoration Trust collaborated with PEACE and WWF to involve local communities to work on the Yamuna river restoration - Read more

Irrigating his field

Videos: Groundwater irrigation and energy supply - What's the connection ?

Watch videos and read background papers and analyses of the causes for groundwater wastage including lack of incentives for conservation and unmetered electricity supply, from the IWMI-Tata Annual Partners' Meet at Anand in December 2012 - Watch videos

Plugging the breach in Kosi embankment that unleashed havoc in Bihar is proving to be a massive challenge

Book: Read the story of the refugees of the Kosi embankment

Aimed to protect against floods, these embankments displaced nearly 10 lakh people by 2001. The author, Prof. Mishra discusses how embankments actually increase the incidence of floods and what alternatives are possible - Download booklet

Excreta matters

Event report: 'Excreta Does Matter' - The Anil Agarwal Dialogue

Where will India get its fresh water from in the coming years ? What is the state of the sewage system in the country ? A close examination of these two issues shows that the water and sewage challenge is already grave and could get worse. Read proceeedings of an event organised by CSE at New Delhi, that discussed the situation of water and wastewater management in 71 Indian cities and possible alternatives - Read report

AR farms, Heroor village, Kundapur, Udupi district

Article: From barren land to lush greenery - A story of determination and persistence

See how Richard Rebello, a commerce ex-lecturer with no background in agriculture transformed a barren piece of land into a cultivable farm yielding profitable crops using principles of rainwater harvesting - Read more

A view of the ocean at Dhanushkodi

Article: Dhanushkodi - The mysterious coexistence of salty and sweet water

The cyclone-ravaged town of Dhanushkodi has a unique story to tell - its only inhabitants are the 500 fisherfolk who live there, but yet in the midst of salt water all around, they have plently of sweet water to drink ! - Read more

Lunching children

News: Roundup of last week's happenings

A summary of noteworthy news items over the last week including the Revised National Food Security Bill, 2013 and how it is seeking to guarantee enough quality food by giving subsidized grains under the Targeted Public Distribution System - Read more

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