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Newsletter: Revival of 2000-year old flood water harvesting systems in Gaya, Bihar

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Ahar Pyne system in Gaya, South BiharResurgence of the ahar pynes : Magadh Jal Jamaat helps revive 2000-year old flood water harvesting systems in Gaya, Bihar

Gaya in south Bihar, had a number of ahar pynes - a network of water channels, lakes and ponds in the past which harvested flood water. These fell into disuse, and led to a situation of water scarcity in the region.

But not for too long !

Magadh Jal Jamaat, a network of individuals and groups in Gaya region, got together to script a new solution to the problem
. Starting with the Sarayu lake revival in 2006, they have gone on to revive several ahars and pynes.

They are also actively working with the Bihar State Government to facilitate the creation of community-based organizations for undertaking a large-scale ahar pyne renovation programme in the area.

Watch a video on Magadh Jal Jamaat's work

East flowing rivers between Pennar and Kanyakumar

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Yamuna 'Upto the neck'

Videos: The complete ‘Living rivers, dying rivers’ lecture series

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National Highway 31-A, connecting West Bengal with Sikkim, blocked due to a landslide in July 2011

Maps: Understanding how to predict the next landslide strike in Sikkim

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Video interview: Can food be grown on our rooftops ?

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Holy dip at the Kumbh Mela

Report: Ensuring a clean Kumbh Mela- 2013 at the Triveni Sangam in Allahabad

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Deformed baby in Jadugoda

Videos: Uranium mining consumes Jadugoda in Jharkhand

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Waterless Urinals

Manual: Save water and produce fertilizer as you pee

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Community Farm at Nana Nani Park, Mumbai

Video: Mumbaikars reconnect with nature through their community gardens

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View of the Mutha Mula flowing through Pune

Research paper: Urbanization alters the Mula and Mutha rivers' catchment area in Pune

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Adivasi women in Jharkhand protesting against deforestation

News: A compilation of the past week's happenings

Rights of adivasis over forest lands diminishes; their consent no longer mandatory for projects in forest lands - Read more

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