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Newsletter: Changing climate, changing lives - How Nepal's farmers are adapting to climate change

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View of the Himalayas from Dhulikhel, NepalChanging climate, changing lives - A film on the impact of climate change on agriculture in Dhulikhel, Nepal

The story of climate change has been hijacked by snow and ice. While climate change touches the lives of people all over the world, we tend to get carried away by the more glamorous ‘melting away of glaciers’ than the not-so-apparent but significant changes happening on the ground elsewhere.

This video echoes the voices of farmers experiencing the brunt of climate change in the Nepal Himalayas. Shifting patterns of rainfall and extreme weather conditions have rendered the crops impaired and have left farmers in limbo. Yet, Nepal's farmers are adapting to the situation.

Watch video

Drop of water

Campaign: Catch Every Drop - Save, harvest, recycle, and refresh

Learn how to harvest, reuse and conserve water in the city of Bangalore - Join the campaign

A farmer looking down his well

Video: Managing India's groundwater and agricutural economy

Aditi Mukherji discusses the need for regional strategies to manage groundwater, and asks if we are fully prepared to kick start a green revolution in eastern India - Watch video

Eco friendly, cost efficient bamboo toilet

Article: Delhi designs eco-friendly and low-cost public toilets

The Delhi Urban Art Commission organised a design competition for public toilets and dustbins and finalised four designs of ergonomically-designed, on-site assembled, high-tech toilets - Read more

Women NREGA labourers in Limbi village of Madhya Pradesh

Video: How efficient and effective has the MGNREGA been so far ?

IWMI and IRMA's work in determining the impact of MGNREGA on rural water security talks about its positive impact on the labour market while asking why the employment generated does not match its potential - Watch video

A garden that feeds

Article: Join the growing organic urban gardening movement and paint your city green !

The 3rd edition of the national conference on urban gardening organized by reStore in Chennai served up an interesting mix of indoor as well as outdoor attractions for enthusiasts - Read article

Farmer in his field

Video: Think local, use local - Embrace ecological agriculture to reach sustainability

Ardhendu S. Chatterjee from the Development Research Communication and Services Centre emphasizes the need to move to a holistic system of farming that has its roots in the culture, resources and knowledge of its local region - Watch video

Water security to all

Video: New indices needed to measure available water resources

UNICEF's report on the water situation in India attempts to consolidate the significant amounts of information available on water and sanitation while examining the current key challenges in the sector - Watch video

Rajesh Naik near the lake he has developed at the Oddoor farms near Mangalore

Article: The story of how brown turned to green at Oddoor farms in Mangalore

Rajesh Naik has successfully transformed 120 acres of barren land into lush green farmland, thanks to a lake he created on two acres of land - Read more

Gadisar Lake, Jaisalmer

Review: The Rajasthan Lake Development Authority Bill, 2013

Mansee Bal reviews Rajasthan's Lake Development Authority Bill, pointing out some deficiencies and calling for more clarity in crucial provisions - Read more

Drip-Drop by drop

News: A roundup of the past weeks' happenings

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation gets an allocation of INR 15260 crore in the Union Budget and fresh funds have been allocated programmes dealing with crop diversification and watershed management to reduce exploitation of groundwater - Read more

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