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1. RO not needed, boiled water is good, or use UV/UF filters


You have a good TDS level, which is best according to me. In my house in Kerala the TDS is 38 ppm & in Chennai its is 1200ppm ,where I have used RO to bring it down to 70 ppm.

Just boil your water & consume it,no need for any purifiers. If your willing to invest you could go for an UV or UF filters, no need for RO technology & adding of external minerals.

I am in this field of water purification and there are government standards for TDS,but they are ideal situations. A tds level of 150 - 120 will taste good for drinking.

In my experiance water with about TDS level 220 is good and even after boiling there are white spots it is bcose of temporary hardness water softeners will do and this water is good for drinking.

For you there is no need for RO technology which is a water intensive purification process, the yield will be in the ratio of 5:1.

A. Praveen Kumar
Aqua fresh water purification
Paloor, Mahe


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