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1. Water with 50ppm TDS is certainly safe for drinking

Attractive looking direct reading TDS meters are available in the market for a couple of thousand rupees but these are to be tested against a standard reference water sample whose TDS is known. If this checking for the meter's accuracy is not done, the readings will be off mark. This would explain the different readings from different meters of the sales reps reported by Sugata Mazumdar.

Taking advantage of the ignorance of laymen, sales chaps will offer RO plants even for water containing TDS within normal limits (upto 500 ppm ideal, 2000 if no alternative is available) to sell their products. Reducing TDS to 50ppm will only make the water taste flat.

Water with 50ppm TDS is not recommended for drinking is not correct. If this were true, the Buereau of Indian Standards would have given a lower limit also. There is no health or other risk except, as stated above, the water will taste flat for drinking.

Regarding Mr.Sanjay's report that a doctor had mentioned that water from a newly installed filter resulteld in someone getting typhoid and jaundice has no meaning, as we do not know what was meant by the word 'filter' and we do not know also what was the quality of the feed water.

Indukanth Ragade


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