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1. TDS level -different readings with different meters

Before buying any product, it is good to check present TDS level in our water (ground or manjeera).

This is my experience,

Few days back, Eureka Forbes & Kent sales & service engineers came to my flat and gave 3 different TDS levels, which is confusing.

Next day I asked Eureka Forbes service engineers to come with 2 TDS meters and again he gave 2 different TDS counts at the same time. How is that possible?.

They do not have answer when I asked the reason. They give some vague reading to customers and they do not have proper explanation as well as experience with the system. Simply we are believing their false readings and installing RO or UV water purifying systems.

We've to decide based on TDS level, if we should go with RO or UV systems. Did you ever give a thought about the ideal TDS level of water you are getting after installing water purification systems?

My request is to ask the service engineer to bring 2 or 3 TDS meters and check it at minutes interval

Thanks and regards


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