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1. Dear B. M. Singh, One first

Dear B. M. Singh,

One first needs to determine the total head of water required i.e the length of the piping from the foot valve inside the sump to the pump suction flange and then add the height of the piping from the pump discharge flange to O/H tank. This is the total discharge head required. The horse power or Kw required is calculated as follows:

Kw =flow in m3./hr X total head in metresX density of water / 3.6X102,000 X pump efficiency (in decimals).

It would be simpler for you to contact the sellers of pumps to come take a look at the layout of his sump, O/H tank, etc. take measurements and then quote for a suitable pump. The seller has to know how to determine the power required from the drive motor.

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