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1. What kind of submersible pump should be used?

Please advise the submersible pump capacity for lifting water from a borewell having a depth of 450 feet and water in the borewell yield is 2 inch. I require the water to be lifted to a height of 25 meters to the 8th floor building which is near Sri Mookambika temple Kollur. The water is required to fill 15,000 lts of tank in less than one hour. if you have Danfoss pumps please suggest the model and send a quotation accordingly. A lso I am looking for a water filter to be connected to the delivery line at the roof top of the building. I want to eliminate the small sand particles that come at the time of starting of the pump (old pump ) and remove slight discoloration of water that occurs during the rainy season. Note test was done by Surathkal Institute and certified that was is good for drinking purpose.

Thank you and best regards,
Pradeep Kumar


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