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1. FAQ on Borewells

Dear Sir,


I do not fully agree with statement informing that "There is absolutely no scientific basis for these “techniques”; and from a scientific perspective this is just hocus-pocus, occult."  

What is the science behind the Vasthu.  Because it is recorded for centuries we are forced believe but I could not find any scientific root behind it.  

Rather I can state that we never bother to know or explore about the scientific facts involved in the so called occult divining.  There are some facts hidden in their practice.   Even today I also never encourage divining and do not believe in that.

Though my reasoning is against it but the experience in the early Eighties and nineties is pushing me to find the hidden fact in that.   

When I ran a micro resistivity profile across the strike of the fractures, the point located by me and the so called diviner coincided at the Blue Mount Plantations along the Coimbatore - Mettupalayam high road near Veerakeralam.   Water struck at 305 feet exactly predicted by the diviner where as I have indicated between 290 to 310 feet.


And during Nineties during acute drought, in Tirupur area many such micro resistivity profiles coincided with the diviners points and water occurred below 960 feet or 1100 feet or 740 feet.  Even today these bore wells are running. May be I have checked throughout my career more than about 200 such points and most of them coincided and delivered water with huge quantities.  Even in the Pollachi Coconut groves numerous such cases I have come across in late eighties. 


I Used Deep probing dipole-dipole profiling and it took nearly 2 days in about 20 acres land where as the diviner took hardly about one or 2 hours in the coconut groves.

 There were more failed bore wells than the successful ones  divined by these so called "occult practitioner" during drought periods.  

But  Even today the successful one that coincided and this experience is bewildering me though I have no belief in the occult. 

Can any one try to find the root cause behind the occult science.  May be our Rishies  and monks might have perfected the science and practiced it which we might have lost.  

I have a feeling that our science and available knowledge is limited to probe these facts may be only the time will answer.

A. Raja Mohamed Ambalam


Coastal Energy Private limited.

Chennai.;  09790934534



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