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Dear Ponnu Subramanian,

Your bore well must have a diameter of 6&1/2" in order to make smooth passage for a 6 inch submersible pump. However 4" pumps are also available in the market. Your bore well is 600 feet deep but you have not mentioned about the drill time discharge measured by the driller during drilling, which is necessary for choosing appropriate pump. Moreover the drawdown is another factor for correctly choosing the pump.

However, at least the discharge during drilling or after completion of drilling is required. Foe example if your bore well's final discharge is around 7200 liters/hour, then you have to choose a 2 HP pump and 6 to 8 Staged one to provide a lift of around 48 to 64 meters. The discharge, head and HP/KwH chart of different pumps are available with your Pump dealer. Please inform me the results and your feedbacks.

With regards

Nirad Ch. Nayak
Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)


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