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1. Correct size of submersible pumpset

Dear Satyanarayana Manne,

To decide about the correct size of submersible pumpset, the details regarding Discharge(LPS) Total Head i.e Pumped water level(Static water head + Drawdown) in metres to discharge point on groundlevel required. Discharge data of winter season and pumped water level date of summer season is necessary as these are the maximum values based on which we can calculate H.P of pumpset.

Other option is, take the data of discharge and total head of your borewell to pump dealer. By using pump curves, the dealer can suggest you the correct size of pumpset. You have to select the pumpset which consumes less power.

                  To calculate the HP of pumpset, the following formula can be used.

                                  Q in LPS X Total Head in metres

                   H.P     =  ----------------------------------------

                                   76  X  Pump efficiency

The no. of stages can be calculated by dividing the total head by 4 metres (after deducting several losses, it is assumed single stage pumpset can lift the water upto 4 metre which generally some manufacturers adopt)

But if we consider the discharge of your borewell i.e 2 inches (as reported by driller) it is very low. I am afraid within few minutes of pumping,the pumped water level may go down below pump setting, particularly during summer season.As per V-Notch method(at 90 degrees) at 2" the discharge is about 1LPS and 45 degrees the yield is still less. As per Drillers assumption - 2" means about 2 LPS.

As no pumpset is installed in borewell, I suggest you collect the discharge and total head (winter and summer resply) data of your neighbouring borewells having same depth and approach the pump dealer for correct size of submersible pump set.

However, correct details regarding discharge and pumped water level data can obtain by carrying out step-draw-down test by trained professionals. In addition, the existing voltage conditions, variable discharge and Totaleasons causes under loading and overloading of motor which leads to more consumption of power and low power factor.  In such conditions installation of L.T Capacitor is necessary to safe guard your pumpset.


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