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1. RO filter needed for any TDS value

Dear ZWT

I would like to challenge your statement that RO filter is needed for any filter. I find that RO manufacturers are advising many unwary people to instal RO systems even when the TDS is within 1000 ppm. They also seem to advise that the RO treated water with 1140 or so TDS can then be blended with raw water to get palatability! I also want to challenge your statement that ozonisation and UV are necessary after such blending. When we have water with TDS 1000 or less , there is no need to reduce the TDS and the safest way is to boil and cool it before drinking it.Ozonisation is a costly process and totally unwarranted.

YOur comment that TDS meters are available for Rs 500 has to be qualified that their accuracy does not last long and the buyers should either keep a sample of water of known TDS or buy the same and periodically check the accuracy of their meters before testing any fresh sample.I speak all this from two decades of experience in the field.


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