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1. RO filters needed for any TDS value

I have read many comments, everybody is talking TDS and TDS means Total Dissolved Solids or Total Dissolved Solvents. TDS can be measured in ppm and by a using a Rs. 500 instrument which is easily available in market even a lay man can find TDS of water.  The criteria that should be taken for the use of RO fiter is if hardness is below 400 ppm and if hardness is above 410 ppm then softener is needed along with RO as water may contain flouride, nitrates, arsenic, phosphorus, zinc, radioactive elements, lead, excess of chlorine and all these are carcinogens.  RO filter is needed for any TDS and TDS after the RO process should be adjusted with mineral dosing or by blending process, when we blend we must use ozonization and ultra violet of 265 nm wave length light with quartz lining, as approved and only with these conditions pure drinking water is possible. If you have any question please feel free to ask me and I will answer them with example.


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