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1. Questions about TDS level in drinking water and RO purifiers


A sales person with a renowned water purifier manufacturer wanted to sell me a RO purifier.

To prove how unhealthy my tap water was, he dipped a TDS meter into a glass of tap water. The reading was 900+. He then claimed that the purifier he was pitching for would give me a TDS count between 100 - 150.

  • I have a few questions regarding this claim.
  • I forgot to see the TDS meter unit. Was it in "ppm" or "mg/l"?
  • How can I convert ppm to mg/lit or vice versa?
  • If a glass of water (300 ml) contained TDS level @900+, would 1 liter of tap water contain more TDS?
  • The RO purifier, I saw, had this technical spec - "Total Dissolved Solids 200 mg/lit (min) – 2000 mg/lit (max)". To me this spec means that 1 liter of filtered water will have a minimum 200 mg TDS count.
  • Also, the purifier cannot filter TDS level > 2000 mg/lt. Is my understanding correct?
  • Another technical spec mentioned was that the purifier could remove almost 90% of TDS present in water. The sales person claimed that if my water had 500 TDS count, TDS count of the filtered water would be 50. Is this claim correct, given that the minimum range for that RO Purifier is 200 mg/lt?


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