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1. Low TDS is best

Fluoride depletes the body of iodine and many thyroid problems are a result of this chemical being in the food and drink supplies. In fact, iodized salt is the result of children getting goiters when fluoride was first introduced. It is a myth that fluoride is good for the teeth. It makes them brittle and crack easier. Primitive man did not get cavities and ate very low amounts of fluoride naturally found in some foods.

The fluoride that is added to water and foods comes from the byproduct of fertilizer production and is toxic waste. Fluoride is one of the most deadly poisons known to man.

Look on the fluoride toothpaste in your cabinet and see the "WARNING" space there about not allowing children under 6 years old use it without being supervised. If it is so wonderful, why is the warning there? Because if they eat it, they can get very sick.

So low TDS is best.


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