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1. Experts comments on TDS - A critique

1. The section on US EPA (American) standards is totally unnecessary and is best dropped as:

  • it does not add anything significant in addition to what has already been stated earlier and 
  • it will only confuse laymen with its terminology.

2. Very low TDS: Water with very low TDS is stated to create problems. May I know what these problems are? When we give information to laymen, it is important not to arouse unnecessary concerns and if concerns are aroused, solutions to them must be given.

The only two aspects that are relevant are:

  • the water may taste flat; and 
  • much more water will be necessary to remove the soap from the hands or the body.

3. WHO Standards: This section again I would say is unnecessary as it is repetitive. A few comments from here can be included under the very first section like,

  • water with very low TDS may be corrosive to plumbing lines, where the lines are of GI. The italicized words must be added as to day most of the plumbing is of PVC which is not affected.
  • high TDS, particularly chlorides, will also affect plumbing lines of GI. Where these are of PVC, sulphates and chlorides may get deposits and eventually become clog the pipes.
  • where the water contains more than 0.5 ppm of iron, the water will stain clothes and deposition in the pipes will occur.
  • water containing fluoride is harmful only if consumed, but can be used for bathing without any health risk.

4. Mitigation: The impact of rainwater harvesting has to be mentioned. Rainwater dilutes iron content over a period and obviates the need for troublesome iron removal units, dilutes fluoride content and in general, improves the quality of the ground water.

Indukanth Ragade


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