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1. Need to know about water quality for suggesting pipe type

I am interested to know more about the quality of water you use and also the purpose (drinking or sanitation). There are many materials available in the market. Materials suitable for one water quality may not be fit for another water and transmission types. Galvanized steel is a traditional material for water service. Internal and external corrosion is a particular problem where galvanized steel or iron piping is connected to dissimilar materials, such as copper alloy (brass) in taps and valves. The popularity of galvanized piping is declining. When we choose non-metallic materials we need to look for whether it is susceptible to physical damage if exposed above ground and brittle when exposed to ultraviolet light. Health, safety and durability are the major concerns.

I will approach it in this way: Check for the material you use for transporting water to RCC. If you use GI pipe with no problem at all for the same water quality, it should be ok for transmission from RCC to overhead tank, provided there shouldn't be any stagnation/low flow and no connection with dissimilar materials.

Is there any disinfection through chlorination? If you notice corrosion problem during specific period, it may be due to uncontrolled intermittent chlorination.


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