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Scholar Seeks - Rainfall Data, Design Storm, & Soil/Infiltration information: Yelahanka, Bangalore.

I'm a Canadian environmental engineering student, working at an internship in Hamburg, Germany. I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. The purpose of this information is to help me complete my co-op/internship report for academic/study purposes. I am currently doing an internship at the HafenCity Universitat in Hamburg, Germany.

I was hoping to do a case study for a research topic that I have spent the past couple of months looking into. I am having some trouble trying to find the data that I need to complete my Stormwater Managment Model for this Case study.

The area 'Im looking at is Yelahanka, just north of Bengaluru. I am computing some of the runoff volumes and stormwater aspects in assisting my supervisor with her dissertation. 

The information I was looking for this area (or general surrounding) is:

- 20 years of Daily Rainfall Data

- general CN or SCS numbers

- Decay constant  of the soil(1/hr).

- The average moisture in the soil content (mm / in).

- Infiltration Rate (Hortons Equation) If anyone has that available

If anyone has information about the list above, that would greatly help out my research. I would appreciate it.  The focus of my project is comparing the benchmarks of several internation sustainable community certification system. What I was looking for is the infiltration data and rainfall data (and 2 Year Design Storm if possible). So that I can complete my model of an example sustainable community.

All this information gathered will be used for academic purposes in the completetion of my undergraduate report.

As I said before the area I'm looking at is Yelahanka, just north of Bengaluru. There is no specific location set, as I would just like general soil information if possible. I am also willing to move the case study project site to another location in India if the data I am looking for is available there.

Thank you,

Matt Hartfiel

University of Guelph


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