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1. Treatment of grey water for gardening purposes

Your total generation of grey water (i.e. water used for uses other than for flushing of closets) would depend on the no of occupants in the six flats. You can assume this to be either 50% of the total water consumption (65% if washing machines are used) or about 60 litres per person (75 if washing machines are used). Why are you considering only treatment of outflow from the kitchen as this constitutes only about 10% of the total usage and besides contains a higher amount of organics (nutrients) than water used for bathing and washing of clothes.  You can use this component for treatment advantageously.  There is a simple, practically self-sustaining process available for treating this which involves no chemicals or power but needs only water loving plants like Banana or Canna, sunlight and soil space at the rate of 2.5 square feet of soil space.

The treated water can be allowed to percolate into the soil. The outlay for this is very marginal. If you wish to collect it, you will have to build a sump to collect it, a pump to take it to a tank on the terrace and plumbing lines from the tank to the closets. If enough space is not available for treating the entire quantity, you can treat whatever is possible.

This process is operating in several complexes in Chennai. If interested, you can contact me.


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