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1. Grey Water treatment

Dear Abhshek,

With a grouping of 6 flats, my estimate is that your daily generation of grey water could be upto 2400 litres.With this volume, if residents of all 6 flats pooled resources, you could get a company to install filters,chorine dosers etc and also aerate the grey water which you now collect in a tank which you call " storage tank".After this you should pump out this water through a pressure sand filter,chlorinate it and then pass it through an activated carbon (charcoal) filter an store it in another tank for further uses like gardening, washing yards/roads and, if you are really interested in saving/reducing fresh water consumption, use treated grey water also for toilet flushing.There is no need to use 'crude' equipment for this purpose as these are inefficient unless used for a single house hold.

For toilet flushing you would have to install an overhead storage tank (ideally a sintex tank) and lay piping a) from your treated grey water storage tank to the overhead storage tank, and b) from this overhead storage tank to each of the flush tanks in the toilets in your building.With all this in place there is a good chance that your overall water consumption could drop by as much as 50 to 60%.

If you need help to get this done, I could put you in touch with a company which could do this for you in Delhi.



Water Management Consultant

093437 34229



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