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1. Disposal of Kitchen Waste (Oil and Grease Trap)

Dear Sir,


You are looking for treating Grey Water, Toilet waste, when your major issue will be disposing off Fat/Oil/Grease(FOG). 50,ooo meals/day, have you estimated amount of Fat/Oil/Grease(FOG) will be gererated by preparing these 50,000 meals/day? FOG is Long Chain Fatty, which is considered non bio-degradable and most difficult to get rid off naturally or thru chemical treatment. If you prepare Septic tank or Soak Pit, FOG will stop percolating soon and your whole project will go wrong. I thing you 1st required to treat kitchen waste than think of other thing.  

Please also visit to know about FOG.

For further information please be in touch.

Thanking You,

Hiren Pancholi



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