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1. Waste water treatment & re-use.

Dear rkd_rns,

These are times of water scarcity which will get more acute as time goes on. Kindly consider treating and re-using the waste water after treatment,as this would reduce to that extent your useage of fresh water.The kind of waste water you generate is known as " grey water" and it can be treated and stored for uses like toilet flushing, gardening, washing of vehicles/roads or yards.

I can help you to source a grey water treatmen system if you are interested.

A septic tank is a tank into which water used to flush toilets is collected and gets treated in a natural anaerobic process by means of a bacterial process.A soak pit is a pit into which water treated by the septic tank is allowed to flow and then soak into the earth. Kindly make sure that the total waste water quantity mentioned by you is accurate.

Let me know if you need my help to get a suitable treatment plant for your waste water.



Water Management Consultant

093437 34229



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