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1. Dear Member, We all know that

Dear Member,
We all know that Fat, Oil and Grease impose the most difficult task for an ETP system.
Let us for once consider this problem in a different angle.
We use labour intensive methods to swipe- clean all utensils, and kitchen ware and others.
In the next step use powders like soap-nut powder or shikkakakai powder, besan, and wood ash to cleanse the kitchen ware by wiping it clean with swab- cloth/ paper/ linen all these are to be bio- degradable type.
Lastly, once the metal ware, has come fairly clean but only with smears of all cleaning material, it is washed with again bio- cleaners and very hot water/ steam Etc, 
In all these procedures what we are doing is to create all material to be bio- degradable and remove all matter prior washing with water.
The water used for cleaning will be as usually done, as all facilities would like to maintain the kitchen ware as hygienic/ sanitized as possible.
This effluent will be easy to handle, and can be remedied using waste water treatment using root- zone methodology,
All the swipe-soak cloth- paper material can be taken for bio- composting to be turned into compost/ manure with other nutrient rich bio- wastes...coming from kitchen, galleys, farm- yard, garden and others. Using of bio- culture and micro organisms would also help.
Some Non- veg wastes, even though difficult can also be bio- composted using co- composting with cow- dung Etc.
These practices has been generally done on smaller scale in farms adjoining Yoga classes/ discourse/ Nature trails/ Forest- camps Etc.     
The challenge lies in making this more practical and do able practices to be perfected and systematised....
Members are requested to carry out all these practices in small scale and put them to practice...
The good point in these practices is..
All wastes be it be waste- water, or solid wastes are turned into bio- resources...
All these will help keep nature clean - naturally..and definitely sustained and being fail- safe can not fail...
Pl get into the habit of rejuvenating the Environment in the most sustainable manner..
With well wishes,

Er. Ajit Seshadri
The Vigyan Vijay Foundation,
New Delhi


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