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1. Some more points on grease traps

Hiren Sir,

Greetings. Your article was interesting. Thank you for posting the same.

Just to add some more points to your article.

All grease traps are not plastic tanks with baffles. Yes, most of the PE traps are just empty "Sintex" look alike tanks. They have baffles at inlet and outlet for static separation thus also known as 'gravity separators'.

There are some very highly efficient grease separators/ traps too that are just not empty tanks, these are mechanical separators made of stainless steel, with an efficiency of 98% and a good quality discharge of water. A good replacement to concrete walled traps and plastic tanks.

In these traps, the kitchen waste is removed at source in stage 1 and in stage too the FOG is removed. On the contrary to what you mentioned in your article about "the water entering from the kitchen into the grease trap that cools it down" the grease guardian grease traps actually heat the content in the tank to do the separation process.

As you also mentioned in your article that efficiency of the grease trap will go down if not maintained and cleaned periodically. Thats true for most of the things used by man. Your car will not perform efficiently if you dont get it serviced periodically. So will your kitchen appliances.

From experience till date I have observed that even the 3 tank conventional concrete static traps are also clogging a lot in many hotels in India. Some of the plastic tank static separators used over period of years bulge and loose shape and efficiency too.

Thank you.

BR Jatin - 9769690059


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