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1. Oil and Grease Traps - Feasible Long Term Solutions

Mr.Jatin Khanna has given out very clear map for systematic separation of OFG coming out of the kitchen. Now a days lots of oily food preparation is carried out in all the kitchens and OFG from the kitchen is one of the biggest headaches to handle. OFG is considered to be non biodegradable and pollution boards are getting stricter for their disposal. OFG is called 'Long Chain Fatty Acid' which is difficult to degrade and as outflow from grease trap reaches STP it will disturb the bacterial balance and there by disturbs the normal function of STP's. This gives out the foul smell and higher BOD/COD along with high amount of bottom solids.

The long term solution out of these problem is the Bio-Culture for these individual systems, Grease Trap and STP, for the degradation of OFG and for STPs.

Thanking You,

With Regards,
Hiren Pancholi


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