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1. Perhaps an option would be to

Perhaps an option would be to start with a bore well - for the immediate purpose of establishing trees. But that again depends on groundwater recharge rates and transmission capacities (this area is near Krishnagiri dam - perhaps the sub-srface drainage is 'away from' and not 'towards' this area where you have bought land).

If three open wells (even with a minimal recharge say 15-30 inches in 3-4 days) can provide enough water for the trees (not all the trees you plan will need daily watering- some can stay put for a week or 10 days even when they are saplings), then with enough mulching, rainwater harvesting, and other moisture management practices (you may have to check what other farmers there do for moisture management)  you may not need a bore well at all.

Certainly this question cannot be answered without adequate knowledge of several features of the land, rainfall, sub-surface drainage, etc. - all highly location specific. Is the land sloping? Say, a hill-side? or a flat layout? If it is the former, then moisture retaining terraces will be necessary.

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